Tulay Soylu

Ms Tulay Soylu

Research Associate/PhD Candidate
Institution: George Mason University
Current Insitution Location: United States of America

Email: tsoylu@masonlive.gmu.edu
Phone Number:  1.703.618.9034
Website: Go to website

4400 University Drive Peterson Hall 4th Floor

Migration Health Research Area/Expertise
I am currently a Ph.D. Candidate in Health Services Research and will be graduating in May 2019. My current research focuses on quality information efforts in primary care practices in the U.S. However, being from Turkey, and considering we have many refugees in our country, I am exploring the grant and research opportunities for these special population. I am open to any collaboration and research effort that might take place in developing countries, and countries like Turkey who is providing resources to these refugees. My native language is Turkish, therefore I might be an asset to the research team.

Research Focus/Expertise on Relevant Migrant Categories
Internal Migration
Internally displaced persons (Children, Adolescents, Adults, Elderly)

International/Cross-Border Migration
Refugees (Children, Adolescents, Adults, Elderly)

Relevant Publications

Title Author Year Published Link to Publication
Racial/Ethnic Differences in Health Insurance Adequacy and Consistency among Children: Evidence from the 2011/2012 National Survey of Children’s Health Tulay G. Soylu; Fatemah Aloudah; Eman Elashkar; Munir Ahmed; Panagiota Kitsantas