Ruggia Luciano

Mr Ruggia Luciano

Head of Research Group Migration And Health
Institution: Institute of Social and Preventive Medicine / University of Berne
Current Insitution Location: Switzerland

Phone Number:  41316313429
Website: Go to website

Mittelstrasse 43, 3012 Bern, Switzerland

Migration Health Research Area/Expertise
I am leading a Research Group on Migration and Health: This working group coordinates our various activities in relation to migrant's health. I have over ten years of experience in migration and HIV, STI and infectious diseases, particularly among sub-Saharan migrants coming to Europe. I lead behavioral surveillance in migrants and currently, I am designing research aiming at NCD in migrants (particularly cancer). I am currently writing an article on where migrants get infected with HIV and another article on estimating and modeling the 90 90 90 HIV cascade in Sub-Saharan migrants. I am also interested in social and economic determinants of health in migrants, especially refugees and illegal (sans papier) migrants. I am also currently designing a teaching module in Migration & Health and will participate in a study on internal migration health in Colombia. I also provide consultancy for other organization's projects in the field of Migration and Health. I work in 5 languages: English, French, German, Spanish and Italian. I understand Portuguese.

Research Focus/Expertise on Relevant Migrant Categories
Internal Migration
Internally displaced persons (Children, Adolescents, Adults, Elderly)

International/Cross-Border Migration
Asylum seekers (Children, Adolescents, Adults, Elderly)
Humanitarian entrants/ Refugee resettlement programs (Children, Adolescents, Adults, Elderly)
International migrant workers (Children, Adolescents, Adults, Elderly)
Refugees (Children, Adolescents, Adults, Elderly)
Resident visa holders (Children, Adolescents, Adults, Elderly)

Relevant Publications

Title Author Year Published Link to Publication
Migration et santé: défis et opportunités d’une relation complexe Ruggia Luciano

Relevant Projects

Title Year Published Region/Country Role in the Project Main Outcome Link to Study Reports and publications
Migrants and Cancer Principal Investigator KAP study regarding cancer in a resident migrant population (multilingual)
Mental health study in Eritrean refugees European Economic Area
Collaborator m-Health study over several months (after a baseline assessment in a sample of refugees)
HIV Cascade in Sub-Saharan African Migrants in Switzerland Principal Investigator Estimating the various HIV cascade steps for a high prevalence group (Sub-Saharan African Migrants) living in Switzerland.