Ines Campos-Matos

Dr Ines Campos-Matos

Consultant Epidemiologist and head of Travel and Migrant Health section, Public Health England
Institution: Public Health England
Current Insitution Location: United Kingdom

Phone Number: +44 (0)20 83277 442

61 Colindale Avenue, London NW9 5EQ

Research Focus/Expertise on Relevant Migrant Categories:
International/Cross-Border Migration
Asylum seekers (Children, Adolescents, Adults, Elderly)
Human trafficking (Children, Adolescents, Adults, Elderly)
Humanitarian entrants/ Refugee resettlement programs (Children, Adolescents, Adults, Elderly)
Refugees (Children, Adolescents, Adults, Elderly)

General Research Focus/Expertise: 
Disease surveillance
Immigration health examinations
Infectious diseases
International health regulations
Refugee health
Travel medicine

Relevant Projects

Title Year Published Region/Country Role in the Project Main Outcome Link to Study Reports and publications
Pre-entry health assessments guidance for UK refugees 2015 European Economic AreaUnited Kingdom Other Guidance for the pre-entry health assessment of UK-bound refugees
Review of the public health impact of NHS data sharing for immigration enforcement 2017 European Economic AreaUnited Kingdom Other

Relevant Publications

Title Author Year Published Link to Publication
Tackling the public health needs of refugees Campos-Matos I, Zenner D, Smith G, Cosford P, and Kirkbride H 2016
Shifting determinants of health inequalities in unstable times: Portugal as a case study Campos-Matos I, Russo G, and Gonçalves L 2017
The ‘dark side’ of social capital: trust and self-rated health in European countries Campos-Matos I, Subramanian SV, and Kawachi I 2015
Welfare states, the Great Recession and health: Trends in educational inequalities in self-reported health in 26 European countries Leão T, Campos-Matos I, Bambra C, Russo G, and Perelman J 2018
Malaria prevention in travellers 2017: Changes to the guidelines and implications for practice Campos-Matos I, Freedman J, and Simons H 2017
Connecting the dots on health inequalities – a systematic review on the social determinants of health in Portugal Campos-Matos I, Russo G, and Perelman J 2016
Social mobility and health in European countries: does welfare regime type matter? Campos-Matos I and Kawachi I 2015
SAIMI Study – Health and health care access by Immigrants from the Indian subcontinent in Lisbon: what recommendations for equitable and culturally adequate health care? Campos-Matos I, Alarcão V, Lopes E, Oiko C, and Carreira M 2015