Urgent Appeal from International Society for Aerosols in Medicine (ISAM) during COVID-19: Clinical Decision Makers and Governmental Agencies Should Consider the Inhaled Route of Administration

Mitchell J.P.,
Berlinski A.,
Canisius S.,
Cipolla D.,
Dolovich M.B.,
Gonda I.,
Hochhaus G.,
Kadrichu N.,
Lyapustina S.,
Mansour H.M.,
Darquenne C.,
Clark A.R.,
Newhouse M.,
Ehrmann S.,
Humphries R.,
Boushey H.
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Journal of Aerosol Medicine and Pulmonary Drug Delivery
Mary Ann Liebert Inc.


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clinical decision making; clinical effectiveness; coronavirus disease 2019; drug administration route; government; health care policy; human; infection prevention; infection risk; inhalational drug administration; Letter; medical society; pandemic; patient care; practice guideline; risk benefit analysis; safety; Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2; virus transmission; aerosol; Betacoronavirus; Coronavirus infection; decision making; medical society; virus pneumonia; Administration, Inhalation; Aerosols; Betacoronavirus; Coronavirus Infections; Decision Making; Humans; Pandemics; Pneumonia, Viral; Societies, Medical