Training Modules on Migration and Health for Health Professionals

Bibiana Navarro, Sandra Pinzon, Roumyana Petrova-Benedict, Vanessa Barbosa, Paola Pace



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Manual/ Training Guide

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This document was developed within the framework of the “Increasing Public Health Safety alongside the New Eastern European Border Line” (PHBLM) Project. 

  • Migration and the right to health care UNIT: 1. Migration in the EU: introduction and terminology UNIT 2. Global and European migration trends UNIT 3. Migration and the right to health UNIT 4. Antidiscrimination and ethics
  • Well-being: public/individual health UNIT 5. Communicable diseases UNIT 6. Occupational health: concepts on safety, hygiene, infection control and well-being at the workplace UNIT 7. Epidemic and pandemic alert and response UNIT 8. Caring for trafficked persons UNIT 9. Psychosocial implications of migration
  • Intercultural Competence UNIT 10. Intercultural Competence: concepts, principles and the role of health professionals UNIT 11. Communication skills UNIT 12. Intercultural mediation

This document was produced with the financial contribution of the European Commission, the International Organization for Migration (IOM), the Hungarian Ministry of Health, the Regional Ministry of Health of Andalusia, the University of Pécs and the Andalusian School of Public Health.

International Organization for Migration