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Design of a mobile app with the use of machine learning for the monitoring of coronavirus patients (Covid 19) in Peru

Globally, the massive expansion of acute respiratory syndrome (COVID_19) is mainly caused by the massive agglomeration of people at the time of travel, as a person infected with the virus who does not have the respective preventive measures can infect 3 more people according to studies. For this reason, here is proposed a mobile application with the use of the Machine Learning methodology for future prediction, through the historical data learned.

Near-complete genome sequence of a 2019 Novel Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) strain causing a COVID-19 case in Peru

A near-complete genome sequence was obtained for a novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) strain obtained from an oropharyngeal swab from a Peruvian patient with coronavirus syndrome (COVID-19) who had contact with an individual who had returned to Peru from travel to Italy. © 2020 Padilla-Rojas et al.

Life-saving Assistance for Vulnerable Venezuelans in Tumbes, Peru

Humanitarian assistance will be provided to 80,000 Venezuelan refugees and migrants. Follow-up actions will be established for highly vulnerable cases (critical food insecurity or health conditions). The arrival is the most vulnerable phase in the migration route, which needs urgent response as there are visible gaps observed by the interagency mission held in July. To follow-up the most vulnerable cases, coordination and agreements will be established with counterparts in Tumbes, Tacna, Piura and Lima.

Technical Assistance for Work Implementation Services to the Regional Government of Tacna (WISTAC)

The project's objective is supporting the improvement of the living conditions of the inhabitants of the Tacna Region through the construction, extension and improvement of health-care related infrastructures, precluding internal displacements in areas with high levels of internal migration, and building better tools supporting the transparency of justice, giving more security, confidence and peace to the population in terms of criminal proceedings, through the delivery of technical assistance services.

Technical Assistance Project for Essalud's Work Management Services - Peru (TAPES)

The project is designed to contribute in executing the Emergency Plan: Aid Action for Health Social Security, as an immediate activity adopted by the Government of the Republic in the field of health aiming to relieve the congestion in the number of pending appointments and their postponement, to reduce the delay concerning the ambulatory and surgical attention, to avoid the lack of beds and litters in hospitals and polyclinics all over the country, as well as to eliminate obsolescence and inoperativeness of medical equipments, so as to benefit the population assured in that system.