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Health equity and COVID-19: Global perspectives

The COVID-19 is disproportionally affecting the poor, minorities and a broad range of vulnerable populations, due to its inequitable spread in areas of dense population and limited mitigation capacity due to high prevalence of chronic conditions or poor access to high quality public health and medical care. Moreover, the collateral effects of the pandemic due to the global economic downturn, and social isolation and movement restriction measures, are unequally affecting those in the lowest power strata of societies.

Guía para la Atención Psicosocial a Personas Migrantes en Mesoamérica

La publicación es una guía práctica que contiene herramientas específicas de atención psicológica y psicosocial a migrantes en las diferentes etapas del proceso migratorio. También incluye actividades específicas de cuidado y asistencia a migrantes y autocuidado de personas que atienden a esta población. Destaca de este manual la posibilidad de replicar las actividades en diferentes contextos y según el perfil multidimensional de las personas migrantes en la región de Mesoamérica.

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Strengthening Key Local Actors' Capacity to Address the Risks Associated with Irregular Migration in Areas with High Levels of Internal/External Migration in Nicaragua

The aim of the proposal is to strengthen the capacities and articulations between local actors and civil organizations to respond to the challenges in terms of attention to migrants and their families in communities of origin and transit. This through three axes of action: a) Information Management on human mobility; b) Psychosocial care from a community approach c) Prevention and Communication, which includes strengthening information windows and community communication strategies for the prevention of risks associated with irregular migration and trafficking in persons

Strengthen the Migration and Foreign Directorate by Supporting the Roll Out of a Mobile Archives System for Travel Documents (MATD)

The project aims to install a mobile filing system that supports archive areas where foreign and national citizen`s files are stored and areas where travel documents and document digitalization are done , as well as establishing procedures to restrict the access to confidential information contained in the files amongst other actions.

Technical Support to Secure Document Issuance in Nicaragua (SDIN)

Contar con un sistema de control y seguridad que garantice a la Dirección de Migración y la Dirección de Extranjería el resguardo de documentación y consumibles a fin de mejorar la fiabilidad e integridad de los procesos y de los productos. A partir de esta iniciativa, se lograría también: 1) Mejorar la seguridad nacional previniendo la venta ilegal de documentos de viaje, residencias, y con ello incidiendo en el combata al tráfico ilegal de migrantes y la trata de personas. 2) Modernizar y ordenar los procesos de elaboración de los documentos migratorios.

Reduction of Human Insecurity in Alto Wangki Bocay Nicaragua - An Integrated, Multi-sectoral and Intercultural Human Security Intervention (RHIN)

This project aims to reduce human insecurity in indigenous territories and rural communities of Alto Wangki Bocay, by means of an integrated, multisectoral and intercultural Human Security intervention. IOM will contribute to reduce labour related internal and migration, migration to Bosawas and international migration from the region while supporting actions and processes for the promotion and exercise of human rights of target groups.