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Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR)-HIV Knows No Borders: Stories of change and best practices

‘SRHR-HIV Knows No Borders’ has been designed as a holistic, regional project to improve sexual and reproductive health (SRH) and HIV-related outcomes amongst migrants (including migrant adolescents, young people and sex workers), as well as non-migrant adolescents, young people, sex workers and others living in migrationaffected communities. It is being implemented in selected high-volume migration-affected communities, including border communities, in all six countries. 

Documento Exploratório sobre a Resposta Nacional ao HIV em Situações de Emergência em Moçambique: Utilizando os Estudos de Caso de Gaza e Zambézia

Moçambique é frequentemente palco de emergências humanitárias que incluem secas, cheias, ciclones, conflito e doenças epidémicas, entre outros. Este estudo exploratório foi realizado em 2017 no âmbito da “Resposta Nacional ao HIV em Situações de Emergência em Moçambique”. O estudo concluiu que existe uma carência de preparação e coordenação nos departamentos do Governo e outras entidades, e no sistema de acção humanitária da ONU que impossibilita estas agências de responder adequadamente às necessidades e desafios da prevenção gestão do HIV em contextos de emergência humanitária.

Strengthening Capacity for Comprehensive National HIV Response in Humanitarian Settings in Mozambique

This project aims to have two components, this proposal will focus on the first component of a broader intervention to capacitate government and relevant actors on strengthening the HIV response during humanitarian interventions. The first phase of this project will be a workshop organized at the central level. IOM will conduct a workshop, at the central level, to help participants develop the contingency planning they need to be able to continue to provide HIV related services in humanitarian situations (i.e., a flood, an earthquake, violence, etc).

HIV Awareness Efforts Focus on Key Land Corridor between Mozambique and Malawi

IOM Mozambique launched a series of radio programmes focusing on HIV prevention along the Nacala transport corridor, one of the major thoroughfares, which links the port of Nacala on the northern Mozambican coast to Blantyre in Malawi.The series – titled “Mukwaha n'Ekumi" meaning "travel safe" in the local language – falls under the UN HIV Joint

IOM launches Christmas HIV Awareness for Mozambican mine workers back from South Africa

Mozambique - IOM organizes, this week, an HIV awareness and testing campaign for mine workers returning from the South African gold and platinum mines for the holidays.  The campaign, which also marks International Migrants’ Day on December 18th, will be done in Ressano Garcia border town, a thriving border post which is the main artery linking Mozambique and South Africa.

Partnership on Health and Mobility in Southern African Mining Sector Launched

South Africa - IOM will launch a project aimed at addressing heath vulnerabilities of 20,000 migrant mine?workers, their families and affected communities in southern Africa on 1st December 2012. The EUR 4.9 million project – Partnership on Health and Mobility in the Mining Sector of Southern Africa – will be funded by the Minister of Foreign Trade and International Cooperation of the Netherlands and will run through December 2015.