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Responding to Health Needs of Internally Displaced Persons and Returnees Affected by Conflict in Northern Mali through Mobile Clinics

The armed conflict in Mali in 2012 caused the displacement of more than 600,000 individuals. Tombouctou region is the highest return area of the country. This project will provide mobile health clinics to returnees, IDPs and host communities in areas with low health coverage. The Cercle of Gourma Rharous, the second highest return area in Tombouctou Region is targeted for the implementation of this project.

Suivi des Flux Migratoires dans le Cadre du Dépistage des Cas de Maladie à Virus Ebola et Sensibilisation des Voyageurs à Nougani, Kourémalé, Djoulafondo et Badogo

To strengthen the surveillance mechanisms in place at the level of the sanitary cordon of the customs office of Kourémalé (Mali side), Nougani, Djoulafondo and Badogo. Expected results include the systematic collection and analysis of travelers' information from Kourémalé and Guinea and improved detection of cases by health workers.

Strengthening Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) and Response Capacities at Selected Points of Entry (PoE) and Border Areas to Prevent Further EVD Spread in Mali and Guinea Conakry

In this context, IOM recommends enhancing country Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) Preparedness and Surveillance through strengthening the capacities at Points of Entry (PoE) and among Border Communities on the border between Guinea and Mali. (in particular in the traditional gold mining sites) to prevent further spread and by monitoring migratory flow from most-affected countries. Through this project IOM will contribute to collaborative international, regional and national efforts in responding to the EVD outbreak in Mali and Guinea Conakry.