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A rapid review of immunisation coverage, vaccine delivery and migration in North Africa amongst migrant populations (PROSPERO 2021 CRD42021256369)

In this systematic review we are trying to answer these specific questions: What is the immunisation coverage among migrant populations in North Africa for key vaccines, and are there variations among migrant subpopulations? Where and by who are vaccines administered to migrant populations? What are the key delivery mechanisms (IOM, NGOs, government structures)? What are the barriers and facilitators to migrant populations accessing vaccines in this region?

Improving Access to Health Services for Migrants, IDPs and Conflict Affected Populations in Libya

To address the growing concerns related to health needs faced by the migrants and other displaced populations and host communities in Tripoli and Libya. IOM will conduct critical intervention through mobile outreach activities targeting 2000 beneficiaries in Tripoli and surrounding areas with a high concentration of migrants. IOM's articulated response will include primary health care and emergency services as well as public health services.

Essential Protection and Health Services for Migrants in Detention in Libya

IOM’s intervention is based on three inter-linked components: 1) the provision of primary health care services with referral linkages for specialized care; 2) targeted identification, referral and protection programmes in Tripoli Detention Centres; and 3) migrants who expressed a willingness to return to their countries of origin will be screened and referred to IOM’s voluntary humanitarian return programme.

Central Mediterranean Migration Route - Enhance Capacities of Governments to Counter the Dangers and Hazards as well as Health Security Issues in Mixed Migratory Flows

This proposed action aims at taking a comprehensive, but tailored, approach in tackling this situation more effectively: On one side through enhancing the access for vulnerable people and those ending up in distress along the CMR, providing immediate humanitarian assistance by NGOs/CSOs or concerned governmental institutions, on the other side through improving the mechanisms for international cooperation and collaboration of concerned border authorities to tackle more efficiently and effectively health security issues, transnational criminal networks, causing death and so much harm to so m