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Reinforcement and decentralization of the response against Tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS for Vulnerable Populations in Guinea

The overall objective of the project - significantly reduce the impact of TB in the Guinean population in the post-2015 MDG targets - Reduce i) new infections by 50% and ii) mortality and morbidity of people living with HIV/AIDS by at least 50% by 2020.

IOM Guinea Ebola Response Situation Report | 21 April to 8 May 2016

  •  Between April 22 and 29 2016, through its sub-office in N’Zerekore, IOM organized a series of field visits to meet with administrative and military authorities of Koyama, Kpaou, Zénié, Baala, Wolono. That aim of the visit was to inform the authorities about the set-up of health screening points at different border points of entry and introduce the health screening agents to be deployed at these border entry points. 

Guinea Ebola Response Situation Report | 9 to 31 May 2016

  • Between May 9 and 13, IOM, in partnership with CDC, launched the first simulation exercise to manage EVD cases at the Madina Oula Point of Entry (PoE), at the border with Sierra Leone. Between May 22 and 26, it launched the second simulation exercise at the PoE of Baala, near Liberia. The main objective of these exercises is to prepare the authorities in charge of the points of entry in detecting, notifying and managing any suspected case of potential epidemic disease, especially EVD cases at their various borders. 

Repatriation Assistance to 200 Liberian Refugees in Guinea (RARG)

Following agreements between the governments of Liberia and Guinea on one hand, and UNHCR on the the other for the return of Liberian refugees currently living in Guinea, and the coming in to effect of the cessation clause effective 30 June, 2012, UNHCR Guinea has undertaken sensitization campaigns, and registration exercises for the voluntary repatriation of Liberians to their home country. The targeted 200 Liberian refugees, are urban caseload living in the capital city, Conakry, and its environs, who have voluntarily accpeted to return to their home country.

Strengthening Preparedness and Capacities to Respond to Public Health Emergency in High Risk Areas in Guinea

The scope of this action is to strengthen preparedness and capacities to respond to a public health emergency in two high-risk areas in Guinea: Forécariah and Géckédou. The action will support the development of a model of Epidemic Risk and the advocacy activities for progressive extension and scaling-up. The model includes two components: the community-based epidemic risk reduction and the emergency preparedness at prefectural level.

Enhancing the Post-Ebola National Preparedness Capacity to Efficiently Respond to Future Health Outbreaks

The Project aims to promote synergy and durable cooperation amongst all humanitarian actors for a greater preparedness and to ensure that the country’s emergency response plans and other coordination mechanisms are reliable and their capacity to deliver in the event of a health outbreak has been fully tested for efficiency.