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Amélioration de la Protection à Travers la Provision d’Abris d’Urgence et le Soutien Psychosocial Auprès des Déplacés Internes et Communautés d’Accueil des Communes de Barsalogho et de Djibo

IOM aims to bring life-saving assistance to 12,203 of the most vulnerable households of Internally Displaced Persons and host communities through emergency shelter and protection activities in the Barsalogho (Centre-Nord) and Djibo (Sahel) communes. 1029 households will thus receive emergency shelter as an emergency protection measure. Protection mobile teams will also be put in place and will be in charge to organize 96 community-based psychosocial activities and will as well be in charge of the referral of cases that will need individual follow-up to appropriate partners on the field.

Tuberculosis in migrants moving from high-incidence to low-incidence countries: a population-based cohort study of 519 955 migrants screened before entry to England, Wales, and Northern Ireland

BACKGROUND: Tuberculosis elimination in countries with a low incidence of the disease necessitates multiple interventions, including innovations in migrant screening. We examined a cohort of migrants screened for tuberculosis before entry to England, Wales, and Northern Ireland and tracked the development of disease in this group after arrival.

Prevalence of and risk factors for active tuberculosis in migrants screened before entry to the UK: a population-based cross-sectional study

Background: An increasing number of countries with low incidence of tuberculosis have pre-entry screening programmes for migrants. We present the fi rst estimates of the prevalence of and risk factors for tuberculosis in migrants from 15 high-incidence countries screened before entry to the UK.