Regional dialogue on the health challenges for Asian labour migrants (Flyer)

UNDP, World Health Organization, International Organization for Migration, UNAIDS, International Labour Organiztaion, Joint United Nations Initiative on Mobility and HIV/AIDS in South East Asia



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The Regional Dialogue on the Health Challenges for Asian Labour Migrants was held 13-14 July, 2010 in Bangkok, Thailand. Organized by UNDP, IOM and UNAIDS in cooperation with WHO, ILO and the Joint UN Initiative on Mobility & HIV/AIDS in South East Asia (JUNIMA), the meeting served as a preparation for the upcoming Colombo Process Ministerial Consultations (early 2011, Dhaka), where migrants’ health issues are expected to be discussed for the first time. Representatives from the ministries of health and labour/overseas employment, as well as foreign affairs, from 13 countries came together to discuss the health challenges faced by the region’s 55 million migrant workers, and adopted Joint Recommendations on key actions to improve the health and well-being of migrant workers

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International Organization for Migration