Recommendations for the response against COVID-19 in migratory contexts under a closed border: The case of Colombia

Fernández-Niño J.A.,
Cubillos-Novella A.,
Bojórquez I.,
Rodríguez M.
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Instituto Nacional de Salud


Despite the positive response of Colombia's health system to the arrival of Venezuelan migrants, the new challenges that accompany the COVID-19 pandemic have triggered a closed-borders response that runs the risk of encouraging a negative view of migrants and increasing their health risks. This manuscript discusses the recommendations that could be proposed in the case of a country with limited resources such as Colombia to respond to the needs of the Venezuelan mixed migrant flows. © 2020, Instituto Nacional de Salud.

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Betacoronavirus; Colombia; Coronavirus infection; ethnology; hand disinfection; health care disparity; human; legislation and jurisprudence; migration; pandemic; public health; public policy; quarantine; Venezuela; virus pneumonia; vulnerable population; Betacoronavirus; Colombia; Coronavirus Infections; Emigration and Immigration; Hand Disinfection; Healthcare Disparities; Humans; Pandemics; Pneumonia, Viral; Public Health; Public Policy; Quarantine; Transients and Migrants; Venezuela; Vulnerable Populations