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Border management, Disease prevention, Health assessment/ medical examination, Infectious diseases, Mapping, Return migration, TuberculosisMigration histories of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis patients from the Thailand-Myanmar border, 2012-2014 Asia and the Pacific, Myanmar, ThailandCC Thi, DM PArker, LL Swe, S Pukrittayakamee, CL Ling, K Amornpaisarnloet, M Vincent-Delmas, FH NostenScientific reports (Journal) 2017
Border management, Disaster preparedness and response, Disease surveillance, Health assessment/ medical examination, Health services, Humanitarian health interventions, Mapping, Migrants Assistance, Psychotherapy/counsellingIOM MHDs Migration Health Assistance for Crisis Affected PopulationsGlobalIOMBrochures/ Factsheets/ Infosheets 2017