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Evidence-based reviews, Gender, Health policy, Health risks, Health services, Inequality, Public Health, Social determinantThe UCL-Lancet Commission on Migration and Health: the health of the world on the moveGlobalIbrahim Abubakar, Robert Aldridge, Delan Devakumar, Miriam Orcutt, Rachel Burns, Mauricio Barreto, Poonam Dhavan, Fouad Fouad, Nora Groce, Yan Guo, Sally Hargreaves, Michael Knipper, J Jaime Miranda, Nyovani Madise, Bernadette Kumar, Davide Mosca†, Terry McGovern, Leonard Rubenstein, Peter Sammonds, Susan Sawyer, Kabir Sheikh, Stephen Tollman, Paul Spiegel, Cathy ZimmermanScientific reports (Journal) 2018
Global health diplomacy, Health care financing, Health diplomacy/ international relations, Health economics, Health policy, Health risks, Inequality, Labour migration and health, Refugee healthEnsuring health equity of marginalized populations: experiences from mainstreaming the health of migrantsGlobalKaisa Kontunen, Barbara Rijks, Nenette Motus, Jenna Iodice, Caroline Schultz, Davide MoscaScientific reports (Journal) 2014
Global health diplomacy, Health diplomacy/ international relations, Health policy, Health risks, Health services, InequalityChallenges Facing Health of Migrants to be Addressed at Key Madrid MeetingGlobalWHO Health Action in CrisisNews/ Article feature 2010