TopicTitleRegion/Country (by coverage)Author/sPublication TypeProject TypeYear Published
Health assessment/ medical examination, Immigration health examinations, Labour migration and health, TuberculosisPotential benefits of pre-entry health assessment among labor migrants in the CIS contextSouth-Eastern Europe Eastern Europe and Central Asia, Russian FederationBoris Sergeyev, Igor KazanetsScientific reports (Journal) 2017
Health and human rights, Health policy, Health services, Maternal and child health, Social determinantMigrants’ Right to health in Central Asia: Challenges and opportunitiesSouth-Eastern Europe Eastern Europe and Central Asia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, TurkmenistanAntoine Chandonnet, Uran Tursunaliev, Kayratbek Jamangulov, Irina Chernykh, Gulshat AmandurdyyevaReports 2017
Health services, Migrants Assistance, Return migration, Tuberculosis, Violence and healthInternational Migration, Vol. 55(5) October 2017Central and North America and the Caribbean, Mexico, United States of America, South-Eastern Europe Eastern Europe and Central Asia, TurkeyIOMPeriodicals and Newsletters 2017
Health communication, Health promotion/ Health education, Mental health, Substance abuse, TuberculosisMigration Health Division Annual Newsletter 2016South-Eastern Europe Eastern Europe and Central Asia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Turkey, TurkmenistanIOM Regional Office for South-Eastern Europe, Eastern Europe and Central AsiaPeriodicals and Newsletters 2017
Health care financing, Health systems research, Human resources for health, Migrants AssistanceEqui-Health Final Report European Economic Area, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Malta, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, South-Eastern Europe Eastern Europe and Central Asia, TurkeyIOM MHD RO BrusselsReports 2017
Asylum, Detention, Health policy, Irregular MigrationImmigration detention and health in Europe European Economic Area, South-Eastern Europe Eastern Europe and Central Asia, TurkeyBarbara Rijks, Caroline Schultz, Roumyana Petrova-Benedict, Mariya SamuilovaScientific reports (Journal) 2017