TopicTitleRegion/Country (by coverage)Author/sPublication TypeProject TypeYear Published
Mapping, Mental health, Migrants Assistance, Psychotherapy/counsellingAssessment on Psychosocial Needs of Iraqis Displaced in Jordan and LebanonMiddle East and North Africa, Jordan, LebanonGuglielmo SchininĂ Reports 2008
Disaster preparedness and response, Health and human rights, Health assessment/ medical examination, Health policy, Health promotion/ Health education, Humanitarian health interventions, Immigration health examinations, Infectious diseases, Internal migrants, International health regulations, Irregular Migration, Labour migration and health, Mental health, Non-communicable diseases (NCD), Primary health care, Public Health, Refugee health, Sexual and reproductive health, Social determinant, TuberculosisMigration Health Annual Report 2007GlobalIOMReports 2008
Mental health, Psychotherapy/counselling, Sexual and reproductive health, Trafficking, Trauma and injury, Violence and healthThe health of trafficked women: A survey of women entering posttrafficking services in EuropeEuropean Economic Area, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czechia, Italy, United Kingdom, South-Eastern Europe Eastern Europe and Central Asia, Republic of Moldova, UkraineCatherine Zimmerman, Mazeda Hossain, Katherine Yun, Vasil Gajdadziev, Natalia Guzun, Maria Tchomarova, Rosa Angela Ciarrocchi, Anna Johansson, Anna Kefurtova, Stefania Scodanibbio, Maria Nenette Motus, Brenda Poche, Linda Morison, Charlotte WattsScientific reports (Journal) 2008
Mental health, Refugee healthPsychosocial Distress Common Among Iraqi Refugees, IOM Study FindsMiddle East and North Africa, Jordan, LebanonIOM Jordan, LebanonNews/ Article feature 2008
Disaster preparedness and response, Mental healthBuilding Psychosocial Expertise in War-Torn SocietiesMiddle East and North Africa, LebanonIOM LebanonNews/ Article feature 2008