TopicTitleRegion/Country (by coverage)Author/sPublication TypeProject TypeYear Published
Health services, Labour migration and health, Public HealthHealth Status and Health Needs of Foreign Migrant Workers in Tajikistan: Legal, Social, Community, and Individual AspectsSouth-Eastern Europe Eastern Europe and Central Asia, TajikistanRukhshona Kurbonova, Ilhom Bandaev, Mariya SamuilovaScientific reports (Journal) 2019
Border management, Detention, Health and human rights, Human resources for health, Labour migration and health, Public HealthHealth, migration and border management: analysis and capacity-building at Europe’s bordersEuropean Economic Area, Hungary, Poland, SlovakiaJennifer Hollings, Mariya Samuilova, Roumyana Petrova-BenedictScientific reports (Journal) 2011
Asylum, Border management, Detention, Disease prevention, Health and human rights, Health of detainees/ incarceration, Health risks, Irregular Migration, Public HealthIncreasing public health safety alongside the New Eastern European Border: An overview of findings from the situational analysisEuropean Economic Area, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, South-Eastern Europe Eastern Europe and Central Asia, Belarus, UkraineMariya Samuilova, Jennifer Hollings, Roumyana Petrova-BenedictReports 2010