TopicTitleRegion/Country (by coverage)Author/sPublication TypeProject TypeYear Published
Border management, Disaster preparedness and response, Disease prevention, Disease surveillance, Health and human rights, Health services, Infectious diseases, PandemicMissing: Where Are the Migrants in Pandemic Influenza Preparedness Plans?GlobalKolitha Wickramage, Lawrence Gostin, Eric Friedman, Phusit Prakongsai, Rapeepong Suphanchaimat, Charles Hui, Patrick Duigan, Eliana Barragan, David HarperScientific reports (Journal) 2018
Ebola, Health services, Infectious diseases, PandemicResilience, Courage, and Solidarity: Stories from the Ebola response Central and West Africa, Côte d'Ivoire, Guinea, Liberia, Mali, Sierra LeoneIOMBook 2017
Disease prevention, Infectious diseases, Migrants Assistance, Pandemic, Public Health, Yellow FeverIs Sri Lanka prepared for yellow fever outbreaks? A case studyAsia and the Pacific, Sri LankaKolitha Wickramage, Suneth B Agampodi, Davide Mosca, Sharika PeirisScientific reports (Journal) 2016
Border management, Disease prevention, Disease surveillance, Ebola, Health administration, Health services, Humanitarian health interventions, Infectious diseases, PandemicRecovering from the ebola crisis: IOM's strategic framework for action 2015-2017 Central and West Africa, Côte d'Ivoire, Ghana, Guinea, Liberia, Mali, Senegal, Sierra LeoneIOMReports 2016
Cholera, Disease prevention, Pandemic, Public Health, Travel medicinePopulation-level effect of cholera vaccine on displaced populations, South Sudan, 2014 East Africa, South SudanAndrew Azman, John Rumunu, Abdinasir Abubakir, Haley West, Iza Ciglenecki, Trina Helderman, Joseph Francis Wamala, Olimpia Dela Rosa Vasquez, William Perea, David Sack, Dominique Legros, Stephen Martin, Justin Lessler, Francis LuqueroScientific reports (Journal) 2016
Cholera, Disease prevention, Infectious diseases, Pandemic, Preventive medicine, Public HealthThe first use of the global oral cholera vaccine emergency stockpile: lessons from South SudanEast Africa, South SudanAbdinasir Abubakar, Andrew Azman, John Rumunu, Iza Ciglenecki, Trina Helderman, Haley West, Justin Lessler, David Sack, Stephen Martin, William Perea, Dominique Legros, Frnacisco, LuqueroScientific reports (Journal) 2015
Disease prevention, Immigration health examinations, Infectious diseases, Labour migration and health, Pandemic, Public Health“Don’t forget the migrants”: Exploring preparedness and response strategies to combat the potential spread of MERS-CoV virus through migrant workers in Sri LankaAsia and the Pacific, Sri LankaKolitha Wickramage, Sharika Peiris, Suneth AgampodiScientific reports (Journal) 2013
Humanitarian health interventions, Infectious diseases, Pandemic, Refugee healthVaricella (Chickenpox) outbreak in Bhutanese refugee camps in Eastern NepalAsia and the Pacific, NepalAnit Mishra, Olga Gorbacheva, MMT Hasan, N RimalScientific reports (Journal) 2010
Community participation in health, Mental health, Pandemic, Psychotherapy/counsellingIntroduction to basic counselling and communication skills: IOM training manual for migrant community leaders and community workersGlobalUSAID, IOMManual/ Training Guide 2009
Disaster preparedness and response, Disease prevention, Disease surveillance, Pandemic, Public HealthDraft of Avian and Human Influenza Pandemic Preparedness Plan in Four Piloted Districts of Chiang Rai Province, ThailandAsia and the Pacific, ThailandIOM ThailandReports 2008