Migrant Women and Sexual and Reproductive Health: An Unmet Need

Year Project Started
Role in the Project
Main Outcome
The overall aim of this project is to identify and systematize the needs and barriers that undocumented migrant women experience in Mexico when accessing sexual and reproductive health services, as well as interventions that have improved access to these services.

In order to achieve this aim, we are carrying out a project divided in three phase:
1) Systematic review of interventions for improving access to sexual and reproductive health services in undocumented migrant women, asylum seekers and refugees in protracted situations:
2) Situation analysis of interventions that are being carried out in Mexico to improve access to sexual and reproductive health services for undocumented migrant women; and,
3) Qualitative study with undocumented migrant women in order to include their perspectives about barriers and needs related to their sexual and reproductive health during their transit through Mexico.