Partnership on Health and Mobility in Eastern and Southern Africa (PHAMESA) e-Newsletter | August 2016

Author/s: IOM
Language: English
Publication Type: Periodical/ Newsletter(External)

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“I left my home in a hurry, and I forgot to carry my month’s supply of medicine. I stayed in the waters for 10 days without medication, leaving me susceptible to opportunistic infections. My colleagues dropped me off at Remba Island as I was too ill to continue with the journey. I was taken to a nearby clinic, but it was difficult getting treatment as I did not have the required medical records with me and I am from another country. When the situation became difficult, I was introduced to paralegals working within the community. The paralegals helped me to go through the medical aid process; they were very helpful in ensuring I did not have to pay more for accessing health services.” – Jacob, Fisherman

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