Nigeria and Italy Divergences in Coronavirus Experience: Impact of Population Density

Amoo E.O.,
Adekeye O.,
Olawole-Isaac A.,
Fasina F.,
Adekola P.O.,
Samuel G.W.,
Akanbi M.A.,
Oladosun M.,
Azuh D.E.
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Scientific World Journal
Hindawi Limited


Background. The reports and information on coronavirus are not conspicuously emphasising the possible impact of population density on the explanation of difference in rapid spread and fatality due to the disease and not much has been done on bicountry comparisons. Objective. The study examined the impact of population density on the spread of COVID-19 pandemic in two sociodemographic divergent countries. Methods. The study conducted a scoping review of published and unpublished articles including blogs on incidences and fatalities of COVID-19. The analysis followed qualitative description and quantitative presentation of the findings using only frequency distribution, percentages, and graphs. Results. The two countries shared similar experience of "importation" of COVID-19, but while different states ordered partial lockdown in Nigeria, it was an immediate total lockdown in Italy. The physician/patient ratio is high in Italy (1: 328) but low in Nigeria (1: 2500), while population density is 221 in Nigeria and 206 in Italy. Daily change in incidence rate reduced to below 20% after 51 and 30 days of COVID-19 first incidence in Italy and Nigeria, respectively. Fatality rate has plummeted to below 10% after the 66th day in Italy but has not been stabilised in Nigeria. Conclusion. The authors upheld both governments' recommending measures that tilted towards personal hand-hygienic practices and social distancing. Authors suggested that if Italy with its high physician/patient ratio and lower population density compared to Nigeria could suffer high fatality from COVID-19 pandemic under four weeks, then Nigeria with its low physician/patient ratio and higher population density should prepare to face harder time if the pandemic persists. © 2020 Emmanuel O. Amoo et al.

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Article; coronavirus disease 2019; demography; experience; fatality; hand washing; human; incidence; infection control; infection prevention; Italy; medical care; mortality rate; Nigeria; pandemic; physician patient ratio; population density; population distribution; practice guideline; qualitative research; quantitative study; Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2; social distance; socioeconomics; trend study; universal precaution; virus transmission; Betacoronavirus; commercial phenomena; comparative study; coronavirus disease 2019; Coronavirus infection; disaster planning; health care delivery; health care policy; international cooperation; mortality; public health; quarantine; social class; virus pneumonia; Betacoronavirus; Commerce; Coronavirus Infections; Disaster Planning; Health Policy; Health Services Accessibility; Humans; Incidence; International Cooperation; Italy; Nigeria; Pandemics; Pneumonia, Viral; Population Density; Public Health; Quarantine; Social Class