Migration governance and mental health. In: Dinesh Bhugra (ed) Oxford Textbook of Migrant Psychiatry

Author/s: Guglielmo Schininà
Language: English
Publication Type: Book chapter(External)

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The chapter presents the Global Compact on Migration, the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, and other global governance instruments, focusing on their links with mental health of migrants. The possibility to limit some of the stressors that accompany certain migration paths, and to promote all migrants’ access to mental health care in new countries of residence is enshrined in these documents. The actual impact and effect on governance of these documents needs to be seen, read, and acted upon within the wider context of migration management, as well as a public discourse that tends to objectify and abjectify migrants and diversity. The chapter proposes strategies for action and is concluded with a series of recommendations for the promotion of inclusive and holistic mental health services, with a right-based approach.

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