Migration and Health in the European Union

Author/s: Róza Ádány, Andrés Agudelo-Suárez, Charles Agyemang, Fernando Benavides, Neele Bjerre, Marija Bogic, Marie Dauvrin, Walter Devillé, Sónia Dias, Sophie Durieux-Paillard, Andrea Gaddini, Tim Greacen, David Ingleby, Elisabeth Ioannidis, Natasja Jensen, Ulrike Kluge, Alexander Krämer, Allan Krasnik, Anton E Kunst, Jutta Lindert, Rosemarie McCabe, Martin McKee, Anthony M. Messina, Philipa Mladovsky, Marie Nørredam, Paola Pace, Roumyana Petrova-Benedict, Rosa Puigpinós i Riera, Stefan Priebe, Oliver Razum, Bernd Rechel, Anna Reeske, Barbara Rijks, Elena Ronda-Pérez, John Salt, Guglielmo Schininà, Joaquim J.F. Soares, Mindaugas Stankunas, Christa Straßmayr, Karien Stronks, Kristian Wahlbeck, Marta Welbel, Tanja Wörmann
Language: English
Publication Type: Book(External)

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This book explores key features of health and migration in the European Union (EU). The increasing diversity of populations in Europe creates new challenges for health systems, which have to adapt in order to remain responsive. These challenges are increasingly recognized with regard to migrants, who comprise a growing share of European populations. Eurostat data on the size of the population in the EU without EU citizenship provide indications of the scale of migration to Europe: in 2009, 4.0% of the EU’s total population were citizens of countries outside the EU (Vasileva 2010). However, citizenship is an imprecise measure of migrant status, since it does not include naturalized migrants who have assumed the citizenship of their host country (Castles and Davidson 2000; Nielsen et al. 2009). In addition, there is an unknown number of irregular or undocumented migrants, believed to account for 0.39–0.77% of the population in the 27 EU member states in 2008 (Vogel 2009), although other estimates suggest that this proportion could be as high as 4% (Karl-Trummer et al. 2009). Taken together, this means that the size of the migrant population in the EU is considerably higher than the Eurostat data indicate.
  • Introduction one Migration and health in the European Union: an introduction:  Bernd Rechel, Philipa Mladovsky, Walter Devillé, Barbara Rijks, Roumyana Petrova-Benedict and Martin McKee
  • Context: (1) Trends in Europe’s international migration: John Salt three (2) Asylum, residency and citizenship policies and models of migrant incorporation: Anthony M. Messina Section
  • Access to health services: The right to health of migrants in Europe - Paola Pace; Migrants’ access to health services - Marie Nørredam and Allan Krasnik
  • Monitoring migrant health: Monitoring the health of migrants - Bernd Rechel, Philipa Mladovsky and Walter Devillé
  • Selected areas of migrant health: Non-communicable diseases - Anton Kunst, Karien Stronks and Charles Agyemang; Communicable diseases - Tanja Wörmann and Alexander Krämer; Maternal and child health – from conception to fi rst birthday - Anna Reeske and Oliver Razum; Occupational health - Andrés A. Agudelo-Suárez, Elena Ronda-Pérez and Fernando G. Benavides; Mental health of refugees and asylum-seekers - Jutta Lindert and Guglielmo Schinina
  • Policy response twelve: Migrant health policies in Europe - Philipa Mladovsky; Differences in language, religious beliefs and culture: the need for culturally responsive health services - Sophie Durieux-Paillard; Good practice in emergency care: views from practitioners - Stefan Priebe, Marija Bogic, Róza Ádány, Neele V. Bjerre, Marie Dauvrin, Walter Devillé, Sónia Dias, Andrea Gaddini, Tim Greacen, Ulrike Kluge, Elisabeth Ioannidis, Natasja K. Jensen, Rosa Puigpinós i Riera, Joaquim J.F. Soares, Mindaugas Stankunas, Christa Straßmayr, Kristian Wahlbeck, Marta Welbel and Rosemarie McCabe; Good practice in health service provision for migrants - David Ingleby
  • Conclusions: The future of migrant health in Europe - Bernd Rechel, Philipa Mladovsky, Walter Devillé, Barbara Rijks, Roumyana Petrova-Benedict and Martin McKee
Editors: Bernd Rechel, Philipa Mladovsky, Walter Devillé, Barbara Rijks, Roumyana Petrova-Benedict, Martin McKee
Open University Press