Improving health care for migrant populations using practice innovations and strategic alliances to drive change: The U.S. case

Author/s: Julia Puebla Fortier
Language: English
Publication Type: Background/ Discussion paper(External)

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In the United States, the last decade has seen significant advancement in policies, programs and research that addresses the improvement of health care for culturally diverse populations. This paper examines the impact of different players and policy agendas that have played a role in advancing the cause of better health care for migrants and minority communities. These include the role of service delivery innovations and policy developments, and the work of individual sectoral efforts as well as the powerful strategic alliances between them. Taking into account the structural difference in health care systems, these advances may provide useful lessons for EU and other countries working to better accommodate the special needs posed by migrants and minorities in health care. 
  • Executive summary
  • Introduction
A. Social and historical context
B. The power of service delivert innovations
C. Policy framework for health care services for migrant and minority populations
D. Efforts of sectoral authors
E. Role of strategic alliances
  • Conclusions