Healthy Migrants, Healthy Thailand: A Migrant Health Program Model

Author/s: Nigoon Jitthal
Language: English
Publication Type: Technical Report(External)

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Prepared by IOM in collaboration with the Thai Ministry of Public Health, this report summarizes the structure and management modality of the five-year pilot programme on migrant health in five priority provinces in Thailand. Also included in the report are good practices for different migrant community settings, as well as the  achievements and lessons learned during the programme. The Thai Ministry of Public Health suggests the adoption of this programme model and the relevant recommendations by all government and non-government agencies working on migrant health issues in the country.
Executive Summary
I. Background
Migration into Thailand
The Thai Ministry of Public Health's Strategies Related to the Health of Migrants
Development of MOPH-IOM Migrant Health Program
II. Program Description
Program strategies and activities
Program site
Target populations
III. Program Model
Program structure and operational management
Program implementation approaches and good practices
IV. Program Cost
V. Key Program Results
Strategy 1: Strengthening  the capacity of relevant counterparts at all levels
Strategy 2: Increasing access to migrant-friendly public health services among migrants
Strategy 3: Development of sustainable and replicable migrant health program models
Strategy 4: Strengthening collaboration among stakeholders
Strategy 5: Facilitating the development and supporting the implementation of positive migrant health policies
Strategy 6: Strengthening community preparedness and response to potential disaster and/or diseases pandemic
VI. Challenges and Lessons Learned
Policy and Implementation at the National Level
1) Limited human and financial resources at all levels of the MOPH
2) Lack of systematic development of the migrant health service system
3) Contradictory health and national security concerns
VII. Recommendations for Future Migrant Health Programming
Development of a Long-term Policy and Mechanism for the Management of International Labour Migrants
Development of Official Migrant Health Policy, Migrant Health Service, and Migrant Health Information Systems
Demonstration of the Transparency of the Program at all Levels Scaling-up Migrant Health Services by Promoting Good Practices and Effective Strategies
VIII: Conclusion
A Clear Vision on Solutions to Migrant Health Issues and Leadership of Relevant Health Offices
Commitment from all levels of Relevant Government Agencies
Effective Mechanisms for Program Management and Coordination
Meaningful Involvement of Migrants
Understanding and Cooperation from Thais in Host Communities
Region/Country (by coverage)
IOM Thailand, Ministry of Public Health Thailand