Healthy migrants in healthy communities: IOM health strategy for Kenya 2011-2015

Author/s: IOM Regional Mission East and Central Africa
Language: English
Publication Type: Technical Report(External)

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The IOM Health Strategy for Kenya 2011-2015 falls within the bi-regional IOM Health Strategy for East and Southern Africa (IOM, 2011). Through its health programme, IOM promotes a comprehensive approach which is multisectoral in nature, adds value to national partnerships, and addresses social determinants of health at the individual, community / environmental, and policy / systemic level. IOM practices a human rights-based, public health, and participatory approach to facilitate access to promotive and curative health services for migrants, mobile populations, and the communities where they live.


  • IOMs approach to health 
  • Background and justification: country description; development, health and migration in Kenya; and, health vulnerabilities in the context of migration in Kenya
  • Existing initiaties on migration health in Kenya: current policy and legislative framework of Kenya; and, current interventions in the context of migration health in Kenya
  • Country strategy on migration health: Comparative Advantages of IOM in the Context of Migration Health in Kenya; Overall Objective; Long-Term Goal; Specific Objectives; Key Migration Health Priorities for IOM in Kenya; 

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