Health, youth migration and development In: Migration and youth: Challenges and opportunities

Author/s: Barbara Rijks
Language: English
Publication Type: Technical Report(External)

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This chapter focuses on the human, economic and social rights of adolescents and youth (between 15 and 24 years of age), especially their right to health. It argues that the lack of protection and promotion of rights increases the health vulnerabilities of young migrants, especially in the context of irregular migration. Although migrants across the board – young and old, male and female, documented and undocumented, skilled and less skilled – are exposed to health risks, young migrants have particular vulnerabilities, especially as they often find themselves in an irregular situation while migrating adolescents frequently travel without adult protection and support. Some of the factors that render young migrants vulnerable during the migration cycle (pre-departure and at the border, travel and transit, stay in host communities and during return).  


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