Forging partnerships for the future: IOM and the private sector

Author/s: IOM
Language: English
Publication Type: Booklet/ Handbook(External)

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IOM’s partnerships with the private sector is diverse in thematic focus and recognizes the active participation of the private sector in tackling today’s pressing migration opportunities and challenges. Leveraging the expertise, innovation and networks of the private sector is crucial to advancing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This publication offers a snapshot of the diverse types of collaboration between IOM and the private sector across several key thematic areas.
  • Saving lives in times of crisis
  • Accessing essential health-care services
  • Developing skills and creating opportunities for livelihoods
  • Combatting human trafficking
  • Migration and sustainable development goals


Editors: Lindsay Michiels, Roselinde den Boer, Donor Relations Division

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