The first Vietnamese case of COVID-19 acquired from China

Van Cuong L.,
Giang H.T.N.,
Linh L.K.,
Shah J.,
Van Sy L.,
Hung T.H.,
Reda A.,
Truong L.N.,
Tien D.X.,
Huy N.T.
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The Lancet Infectious Diseases
Lancet Publishing Group


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ceftazidime; paracetamol; sodium chloride; Adenoviridae; adult; antibiotic therapy; blood sampling; body temperature; breathing rate; case report; China; clinical article; coronavirus disease 2019; Coronavirus infection; coughing; epidemic; female; fever; flu like syndrome; general hospital; human; Human metapneumovirus; Human parainfluenza virus 1; Human parainfluenza virus 2; Human parainfluenza virus 3; Human respiratory syncytial virus; Influenza A virus; Influenza B virus; Letter; nose smear; priority journal; quarantine; Rhinovirus; SARS coronavirus; Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2; sneezing; thorax pain; Vietnamese; Betacoronavirus; Coronavirus infection; coughing; fever; genetics; isolation and purification; pandemic; pathology; patient isolation; travel related disease; Viet Nam; virology; virus pneumonia; Adult; Betacoronavirus; Coronavirus Infections; Cough; Female; Fever; Humans; Pandemics; Patient Isolation; Pneumonia, Viral; Travel-Related Illness; Vietnam