EU partnerships to reduce HIV and public health vulnerabilities associated with population mobility: Country report Hungary

Author/s: Eszter Ujhelyi, Katalin Szomor, Dénes Stefler, János Szlávik
Language: English
Publication Type: Technical Report(External)

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This report has been produced within the framework of the International Organization for Migration project 'EU Partnerships to reduce HIV & public health vulnerabilities associated with population mobility funded by the Portuguese EU presidency in collaboration with the governments of Bulgaria, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Malta,
Portugal and the Netherlands.


  • General information on Hungary:  Statistical data on Hungary
  • Migrants in Hungary: Terminologies regarding migrants, Statistical figures on migrants, Changing profile of legal migrants since 2002, Profile of asylum seekers since 2002, Effect of the Yugoslavian civil war onto the migration profile; Migrant’s distribution in Hungary; Outcomes of the interviews with questionnaires among migrants
  • Relavant legislation and the national migration agency
  • Education for migrants in Hungary
  • Overview of the national health care system in Hungary
  • Health care for foreigners in Hungary .
  • HIV/AIDS in Hungary
  • HIV and co-infection among migrant population in Hungary
  • Conclusions
International Organization for Migration