Challenges of migrations in the Middle East region. In: Cools, J. (ed) Proceedings and Abstract Book of the 2nd MEGMA Conference on Thalassaemia & other Haemoglobinopathies in Amman, Jordan on 11-12 November 2016 (Vol. 102(s1): 55-58

Walid Slim, Galev Aleksandar



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Workshop/ Conference/ Seminar Presentation

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IOM’s Migration Health Division (MHD) advocates for equitable access to health care for all migrants and displaced populations globally; MHD will bring to the audience of the scientific program of the MEGMA Conference the following points:
  • Briefing on the ongoing humanitarian crisis in the Middle East,
  • The dynamics, trends and challenges of migration taking place in the context of crisis: including irregular migration, human smuggling and trafficking, and regulated migration,
  • Introduction of the United Nations’ cluster approach for the coordination of the humanitarian crisis response,
  • Presentation of IOM’s health services provided to the affected population and hosting communities in the Middle East region,
  • Presentation of some of the preliminary results of the IOM’s work on the Health Profile of the Syrian refugees in the Middle East region, examined by the IOM for resettlement/migration.
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European Hematology Association