Activity manual for immigration officers and relevant persons in migrant health care

Author/s: Nonthathorn Chaiphet
Language: English
Publication Type: Manual/ Training guide(External)

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The Activity Manual for Immigration Officers and Relevant Persons in Migrant Health Care in Thailand is intended to enhance knowledge, understanding and attitudes of Thai immigration officers and relevant public health officers in the context of migrant health care in closed settings. This activity manual is made through the cooperation of relevant persons in a variety of divisions, including government sectors and international organizations working with migrants. Selected migrant groups themselves were also heavily involved in developing this manual. To develop this manual, IOM first held meetings that gathered recommendations from relevant working units such as immigration police, immigration doctors, the Ministry of Public Health and migrant populations. These meetings provided opinions and suggestions for developing the activity manual that were consistent with actual needs and situations. IOM aims to provide all agencies and organizations working with migrant groups with this manual so that they may strengthen their skills and knowledge to further facilitate and/or enhance the understanding of immigration police and public health officers regarding proper and adequate care and services for their own health and for migrants’ health in closed settings.


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